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Commercial & Office Green Cleaning


The commonality between every office in your property portfolio is that it has a floor and walls.  Where people meet and gather dust will collect.  We will offer to clean this up for you with pride.

Emergency Clean-Ups


We are the experts in flood restoration and carpet extraction.

Commercial Move-in/Out Cleaning


As companies grow, employees move in and out so let us provide you with professional cleaning and preparation for your new corporate tenants.  

Specialty Floor Restoration & Carpet Cleaning


Our Floor Technicians are experts in chemical stripping and waxing as well as deep cleaning all floor types. 

Seasonal Preparation 


Select from once per year window washing, commercial parking lot cleaning or weekly maintenance.

Ceiling Cleaning 


We have cleaning solutions for every kind of building high rise.  

Additional Services

In the Kitchens and Cafeterias


Areas where employees prepare or eat their food need to be the cleanest place within your properties, but for many people we find that this is not the case.  Using powerful, green disinfectants and other best practices can help reduce the risk of cross contamination and the likelihood of spreading illness.  


In your Restrooms


Make sure your property is the antithesis of a filthy truck stop bathroom. We don't mind getting down and dirty and we are good at it.  Our staff prides themselves with the work they provide.  





Make an excellent first impression for all your current and potential corporate tenants with a polished and clean lobby or reception area as well as your elevators.  We are the experts in these areas.



When was the last time you had your ceilings cleaned?  We provide options for all types of commercial building ceilings.  



Interior Walls and Baseboard


Let us remove the dust or oils that build up on the walls and along your baseboards. 


Interior/External Windows


Whether it's seasonal preparation or on-going internal cleaning, we can help you maintain the hundreds of windows most commercial buildings have.  

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